We are the family of four who make up the team at I See Wonders. This is our Ibiza story and how I See Wonders was born... 


Ibiza Airport

In the Beginning...

Our Balearic adventures began in 1998. Arriving on the island in the middle of the night, depositing our case in Hostal Torres, San Antonio and within the hour as the sun was beginning to rise, we made our way through the narrow streets to the sea front. Past the fountains and passing the landmarks; The Egg, Es Paradis, Orange Corner, Bar M, we were led to a 24/7 community hub known as the New Star Bar which was an in your face, ridiculously friendly yet seemingly lawless premises filled with workers and wide eyed clubbers not ready to call it a night until, by the look of them, at least another 48 hours. After witnessing this loose, brash and frenetic after hours fresh from our arrival, we returned to our hotel a few hours later feeling very un-fresh and wondering what on earth had just happened in there. The first morning was beyond full on and we had only been for a morning stroll.


Balearic Extravaganza

What followed however was a pitched up Balearic extravaganza in glorious sun bleached technicolour incorporating a 14 day tour of mass indulgence into the myths, legends, debauchery and dance floors that the music magazines we read religiously at home had inspired us to discover. And it did not disappoint. By day 14 we had of course seen the things that characterised the tabloid coverage of the island at the time, but we had seen beyond that. We had entered the next level. We had been seduced by the clubs, the freedom, the music, the people, the light, the smell, the sunsets, the big bottles of San Miguel, the workers, the dusty roads, the terraces, the fincas, the food, the beaches, the wonderful weirdos, the coastline, the views, the sea, the sand, the sounds, the island. It had us in its grip. And so it began.


Digging Deeper

A 20 year exploration from the sea front of San Antonio to the deepest, farthest corners of the island had begun, led in part by Mixmag or DJ Mag guides followed by Pacha Magazine, forums, message boards, new friends made on the island and our own travels on foot, moped, bus or car. Es Vedra, that first vision of the peak rising in the distance. Unforgettable. Salinas, the expanse and serenity of the salt flats along with the energy of the beach and its bars. Dalt Vila, the ancient settlement towering above port of the capital and its timeless narrow cobbled streets. Those incredibly meaningful sunsets at Cafe del Mar, defining the new stage of each day as thoughts turned to night. Sundays at Benirrás. The restaurants off the beaten track serving up lessons in Ibicenco food traditions. The villages. The soil. The olive groves. The directions the island took us in were relentless and we were giddy under its spell. Now, we have two children, Isabella and Liliana aged 10 and 8 who are equally as obsessive about Ibiza as us and who are just at the beginning of their Balearic adventures.




Only recently we were inspired to share some of the experiences, legends and folklore that swept us and millions of others off our feet over the past two decades. This tiny little island means so much to so many and the multi layered history and heritage that we all know and love can be portrayed in a multitude of ways. For us we wanted to create a collection that was designed and created by our family. A collection unique to us in its creation but that would ring true with our fellow island obsessives. A collection that people could keep close to them either in their homes or with them on their travels all year round with designs and elements that in part perhaps only some of us will know the true meaning of, but that would work as a piece in and of itself.


I See Wonders?

Why I See Wonders? Back in the early stages of the idea, we were walking through Santa Gertrudis square on our way to Bar Costa for lunch one day and walking right across our path was one of our inspirations in life since our late teens... Belfast DJ and producer David Holmes. We stopped and chatted. We were on our way for a ham roll, he was on his way to DJ at an A listers wedding. David is a fellow Ibiza obsessive and you can catch his Balearic infused shows inspired by his visits to the island on NTS radio. However this chance encounter created yet another link in our lives that came together beautifully in helping us name the venture. One of his most renowned tracks is of course I Heard Wonders, so flipping this into a visual to combine sublimely with the wonders of Ibiza that we were aiming to honour, we had our name and it was meant to be.


So 'I See Wonders' was born and we now present a selection of prints of our Ibiza designs on beautiful Hahnemühle Photo Rag® 308 paper for our Heritage collection and premium 210gsm matte paper for the remaining collections. It is extremely exciting to work on the designs, the four of us are always very excited to share them with you and we look forward to the next phase of distilling the wonders of Ibiza.